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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

1 Thirty Two - 32 featuring Weasel Manizzo by Spice Diana featuring Weasel
2 Salawo by Sophie Gombya
3 Wawangula by Joy Good
4 Omuntu by Full Figure
5 Nsangayo by Opa Fambo and Mosh Mavoko
6 Duka Jangu by Shim Dropa
7 Ndi Muwulu by Hazzo Aaron
8 Maama Omulungi by Warey Do
9 Motto featuring Karama X J Wats by The CEE featuring Karama Karmelo
10 Tell Dem Say featuring Buchaman by Nelly Dizzo featuring Bucha Man
11 Simbalala by Nicheo Kitone
12 Marry You featuring Maasseyh by Damascus Da OB
13 Massejjere by Himsy Darlingson
14 Simple Man by Promise Mukisa
15 Master Key by Immaculate Atuhairwe
16 Ensasage Ku Mamre featuring Sector Buffalo Soldiers by Wize Omudilibada
17 Maimuna by Shado Sserwadda
18 Suzana by Shado Sserwadda
19 Namirembe featuring Shim Dropa by Dj Zil Bash featuring Shim Dropa
20 Moze Radio Tribute by Mc Norman
21 Moses Radio Welaba featuring G.K Bwongo by Gift Fred
22 Slay Queen featuring Mato Givenx by Mask Off
23 Soole by Sekabira Moses
24 Beng Beng by Jae Chris
25 Godamn Nigga by Zee The Rapper
26 Nyamba by Vixon
27 Number Emu by Havie Jelous
28 Unlimited Love by Venas SongBwoy
29 Kontrol by Venas SongBwoy
30 Dream Woman by Venas SongBwoy
31 Mubirooto by Concern Wonders
32 Musango by One Bebeto
33 Ebigambo by Henry Kugonza
34 Muliro featuring Allan J by Snook G
35 We Miss You - Radio Tribute by Shaff
36 Padlock by Shaff
37 Rising Stars by Ray Bee Musawo
38 Osula Eyo by Ray Bee Musawo
39 Omukwano Gwo by Ray Bee Musawo
40 Nidbasa by Ray Bee Musawo
41 Angel by Ray Bee Musawo
42 Lwaki Tonfako (Cry) by Ray Bee Musawo
43 Kuruka by Julius Nuwa
44 Simanyi by Dn Trytan
45 Gwenina Yasobola by Dn Trytan
46 Ani Anjagala by Dn Trytan
47 Am Back by Dn Trytan
48 Atakara Tarya by Mick Kenny
49 Murekye Kugaya by Mick Kenny
50 Ndi Kwagala by Mick Kenny
51 Strong Energy by Mick Kenny
52 Tokyayitaba - Mowzey Radio Tribute by Weasel
53 Uganda Zukuka featuring Nubian Li by H.E Bobi Wine featuring Nubian Li
54 Twende Sasa, Its A Holiday featuring Eddy Kenzo by New York Styla featuring Eddy Kenzo
55 Kila Migino by Kent and Floso
56 Baby Shakira by David Lutalo
57 Sweet Bomu featuring Lil Pazo Lunabe by Barbie Jay featuring Lil Pazo
58 Why Are You Slow by Lily Kadima
59 Tongana by Lyto Boss
60 Squat Stand - Optional Dance by Tip Swizzy
61 Manyi Ga Mukyala by Desire Luzinda
62 Numya Kale featuring Pr Wilson Bugembe by Sharon Nagawa featuring Pr. Wilson Bugembe
63 Twebereremu by Spice Diana
64 Tayari by Ray G Rhiganz
65 Mukululo by Aziz Azion
66 Gutojjere by Flavia Mawagi
67 Coconuto by Jcobz Nsaali
68 Ki Ki by Nince Henry
69 Mu Bwongo by Eddy Profit
70 Not Easy featuring Wizzy Chemical X Gravity Omutujju by Nyondo Man featuring Gravity Omutujju
71 My Love featuring Kuzi KZ by Dr. Jose Chameleone
72 Visions by Chill$
73 Rest In Peace Mowzey Radio featuring JJ Vybz X Simpo Look by Navy J Omukokonyi featuring Simpolo Look
74 Sente Mukwano fetauring Shabba by Jay B
75 Wansonga by Livon Sandie
76 Watimo by Junior Mors
77 2018 Zungulu by Had Con
78 Sofia by Pato Cruz
79 Nkuyita by One Bebeto
80 Nsumulula by Bion K
81 Nkutegela Nyo by Shantylax
82 Ninkunda Iwe by Shantylax
83 Sijui featuring Gun Dolla by Dallen Dalvixx
84 Olibela Wange by Dallen Dalvixx
85 Only Girl by Trey D4G
86 Queen Of Slay Queens by Chris Arnold
87 Fast Class by Good News
88 Prophesise by Good News
89 Remember by Good News
90 Lindilira by Good News
91 Kyenkyebula featuring Lucky T by Mikel Kayz
92 Kill My Vibe by Empra Apple Ton
93 Nungamya featuring Nutty by Solution Di Vocalist
94 Tetubamanyi featuring Levo X Bucha Man by Sco Vibes featuring Bucha Man
95 Barter Trade by Ghizzard
96 Number 1 Contender by Boris One Spitter
97 Oyitangayo featuring Famous by Shaz Man
98 Speak To Us by Artic Brian
99 Never Regret by Artic Brian
100 Nabukwaso by Big Joe

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