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1 Show Me by Martha Smallz
2 Geza Gezaamu by Radio and Weasel
3 Entebe Ewooma by Gravity Omutujju
4 Mbu Ndi Lubuto by Baby Gloria Senyonjo
5 Kyikuteyo by Icey Kiba
6 Yali Musomesa featuring Rich Man by Pallaso
7 Ndi Mukoowu featuring Pallaso by Full Figure featuring Pallaso
8 Vaayo by Mikie Wine
9 Taboo featuring Karl Wolf by A Pass
10 Respeck - MQ by Leila Kayondo
11 Wenzelesa by Big Ben
12 I Think Of You by J2 Mugaba
13 Musege by Pryce Teeba
14 Tikula by Rema Namakula
15 Love Yakubidinga by Catherine Kusasira
16 Damn featuring Chozen by Desire Luzinda featuring Chosen Blood
17 Love by Big Eye
18 Private Show featuring Weasel by Micheal Ross featuring Weasel
19 Time Out - 71M3 0u7 featuring Play 01 by Tucker HD
20 Not Your Level by Liane
21 Better Than Them by Ragga Dee
22 Let Them Know by Radio and Weasel
23 Inspector featuring Kent Koojo X Micheal Flosso - Voltage Music by Dj Fikie featuring Kent and Floso
24 Olobedde Kunze - Are You My Mama featuring Navio by Feffe Bussi featuring Navio
25 Naaba Nkwine by Ray G Rhiganz
26 Takin Over by Zabuli
27 Oli Kirabo by Winnie Nwagi
28 Mineral Water Remix featuring Dr Jose Chameleone by Coco UG featuring Dr. Jose Chameleone
29 Maama Asimye by Ks Alpha
30 Tewali Mbeera featuring Gravity Omutujju by O.S Suna featuring Gravity Omutujju
31 Maama Totulugunya by Catherine Kusasira
32 Sosotola by Sophia Nantongo
33 Despacito - Luganda Cover by Gael Willz
34 Omuliro by Nina Roz
35 Ndi Wakatawi featuring Rabadaba by Tommie Race featuring Rabadaba
36 Kelewa featuring Meaku by Voltage
37 Mask Off Remix by J Baller
38 Ensi Yabafumbo by Stabua Natooro
39 Eddobo by Phina Mugerwa
40 Anfananye by Umar Mwanje
41 Atakulaaba featuring Zaga by Toolman featuring Zagga Musik
42 Yanyanura by Easy Boy Katoto
43 Suicide by Bonaparte Di Conquerer
44 Hard Target by A Clips
45 His Love Endures by Lawrence Buke
46 Mukidongo by Lito Sam
47 Wokutte Nyweza by Remmy Gio
48 Hani by Prodigal
49 Ask The Door Man featuring Delboy by Baru featuring Del Boy
50 Agyawo Ensozi featuring Jeireh by Elijah MC
51 Amisyembesta by Lucky Stuart
52 Ani by Noah Kali
53 Ezira Wundi by Muwereza Sam
54 Konaweka featuring Denis Deno by Nooh K
55 Nuh Leave by Gyalden
56 Sigibala featuring Century X Mental Jay by Andy Choyce
57 Rock Dem featuring Mr Zoom by Mikie Wash
58 Byokola featuring Aiskills X Blade by Damascus Da OB
59 Obasinga by Kaylan
60 Restraint featuring Iemma Drillz by September Kid
61 Yes I Do by The Wedding Aroma
62 Zunzunzu by Daniella Alisha
63 Jangu by Daniella Alisha
64 We Match - Despacito Cover by Isaac Bless
65 Ntereza featuring Extra Martin X Kayaazi by Deon Bats Biwundo
66 Badmind featuring Reazy by Mulo Vybez featuring Reazy
67 Omulembe by Bobic Pro
68 Mbayire Bax Ragga by Charles Wonder
69 Matidde by King Ceaser
70 Lets Dance by Eddie Quizo
71 Njoo Kalibu by Abdu Mulaasi
72 Irene by Bryan Lee Reigns
73 Monalisa by Jay Thanda
74 Byonna Twala by Mary Nancy
75 Bwongo Bwange by King Ceaser
76 Baliwa by Juma Pro
77 Bamper featuring Ratigan by Eli featuring Ratigan
78 Sleepless Nights by Eli
79 Paradox by Eli
80 Omementula by Buda Jay
81 Balina Obubiina- Faco by Shax Famous
82 Made To Please God by Phil Mugabi
83 Natamani Yule by King Ceaser
84 Nziwenjeza by Mulo Vybez
85 Damage by King Barton
86 Obuwuna by King Ceaser
87 Gumpe by Countless
88 Jobilega by Salvage Mines
89 Engalo by Deehan
90 Afro Flow featuring Deehan by Wandera featuring Deehan
91 Tonta Remixx featuring Marina by Dj Beam featuring Marina
92 Tubaale by Monopoly BadCharacter
93 Too Much Love by Memz 70
94 Queen by Anasanta
95 Situka by Jo Mulla
96 Trap by Hop X
97 Twerk It by Hop X
98 Summer Weekend by Baddest Generation
99 Nonya Bano by Eli Gavana
100 Mukwano Gwo by Mikel Kayz

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