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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

1 Blaze - By The Way featuring BK X Lex Dax by Allan Kutos
2 Nipe Kifunguo Yako featuring Wizkid X Washington Magic by Radio and Weasel featuring Washington Magic
3 Nvuga Kampala Remix featuring Delboy X Felx D Paper X Mickey Solo X H.A.B.O X Play 01 by Pryce Teeba featuring Flex D Paper
4 Ki Oloota by Loving Sun
5 Happy Day by Aziz Azion
6 Bbuba featuring Wise P by Mary Bata featuring Wise P
7 Ddala featuring King Fox by Pallaso featuring King Fox
8 Gal Yo Murder Remix featuring Daxx Kartel by Tip Swizzy featuring Daxx Kartel
9 Mr Deejay by Roger Kent
10 Leero by O.S Suna
11 Lydia by David Lutalo
12 Todayo by A Pass
13 Natural by Sk Simeon
14 Nsanji featuring Fat G by Izon T
15 Siba Engungu by Dim Denis Bitone
16 Ondope featuring Kim The Comic X The Cee by Aggrey Real
17 Ring Tone featuring Dj Mazoe by Sumi Crazy
18 Ntwala featuring Spice Diana by Wool Beta featuring Spice Diana
19 Akusinga by Sarah Kitibwa
20 Serumya Remix featuring Simon Rush by Chance Nalubega featuring Simon Rash
21 Ewamwe by Mamuli Katumba
22 Onumya Obusibe featuring Donam by Mputtu Cafaya
23 Searching featuring Maro by Jim Kraizy featuring Maro
24 Mubwiine by Raysh Chion
25 Banyabo - Extended Zouk Version by Dj Beam featuring Rema Namakula
26 Mpa Obutaano by Damascus Da OB
27 Mi No Fear by Lil BIG
28 Mboona by Fox Banton
29 Akutula Enjegere by Sarah Serumaga
30 Maama by Yiya Mozey
31 Maama by Waswa Kiberu
32 Linda Ekisera Kye featuring Maureen Nantume by Nelison Mawejje featuring Maureen Nantume
33 Life featuring Tip Swizzy by Jim Snypir
34 Kwiiso by BigBristow Soldier
35 Khemisha featuring Stev Alone by Salvage Mines
36 Give Me featuring Ganna Chris by Salvage Mines
37 Jakuvugania by Musobya Jame
38 Kyakabi by Jim Snypir
39 Leero by Gavana Cymo
40 Olwezza by Karl Famous
41 Wanjawulo by Cooler Man
42 Tuzine by Karl Famous featuring Naava Grey
43 Nambi by Jamie Culture
44 Kabaseke featuring Choice by Drift King
45 Nga Bi Baby by Billy Katumba Kasodde
46 Nazagwaki by Drift King
47 Jehovah Jaireh by Lil Joe
48 Gunkolera by Jim Kraizy featuring Naava Grey
49 Enkokola by Shuki Peus
50 Kimanye by Assy Proper
51 Money by Bruce
52 Engoma featuring Don Pacolater by Ziggy Zombie
53 Zina by Drift King
54 Mumpulila by Drift King
55 Munange by Karl Famous
56 Bantama by Karl Famous
57 Waragi by Walshantz
58 Abanywi by Young NyNo
59 Dungu by Dirty Eye
60 Ffe Tudako by Shark B
61 Sitani Tonkema featuring Sheebah Karungi X Fik Fameica by Roden Y featuring Fik Fameika Rap Kid
62 So Pretty by Mesach Semakula
63 Lumba by Tommie Race
64 Bombe by Danra
65 Stylo by Danra
66 Omulondo by Lil Pazo
67 Ndagga by Nina Roz
68 Unah by Joshima
69 Low by J2 Mugaba
70 Waga Waga featuring Active by Vampino
71 Shake It by Djaden
72 Kampala Town featuring Yung Mulo by Easy P featuring Yung Mulo
73 Bandoga by Pyramid MC
74 Nzitowa Remix by New Chapter Africa Music
75 Nsinze Ntya by Myco Holy
76 Tuli Ku Toes featuring Big Tiger by Ragga Blast
77 Topowa by McMilian Arnold Waredu
78 Wuliliza by Jimmy Trevor
79 Tusensera by Six GBz
80 Satisfaction featuring Trever Trey X Julie Tam by GR8 Samie
81 Ojame by Shaino
82 Bakeze Bakole by King Fest
83 Riddim featuring Daisy by Kraymond
84 Tukuba Ragga by Eko Vybz
85 Bend Down by Kinaawa Good Music
86 Gal Mamaway by Akiso
87 Imbaale by Roger and Calvin Vybz
88 Sugar by Roger and Calvin Vybz
89 Shikhutsina by Mastics
90 Sandra by Roger and Calvin Vybz
91 Its You by Jero BT
92 Miria - Pana Cover by Roger and Calvin Vybz
93 Nakusuubiza by Cosy Lucky
94 Rock Me Gyal by Marvin Genre
95 My Praise featuring Tizzie by Grennia
96 Musono by Cosy Lucky
97 Kitentegele by Zado Jay
98 Follow Me by Dirty Eye
99 Onsomoza by Josh Cruz
100 Gal She Wine by Marvin Genre

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