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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

101 Amisyembesta by Lucky Stuart
102 Ani by Noah Kali
103 Ezira Wundi by Muwereza Sam
104 Konaweka featuring Denis Deno by Nooh K
105 Nuh Leave by Gyalden
106 Sigibala featuring Century X Mental Jay by Andy Choyce
107 Rock Dem featuring Mr Zoom by Mikie Wash
108 Byokola featuring Aiskills X Blade by Damascus Da OB
109 Obasinga by Kaylan
110 Restraint featuring Iemma Drillz by September Kid
111 Yes I Do by The Wedding Aroma
112 Zunzunzu by Daniella Alisha
113 Jangu by Daniella Alisha
114 We Match - Despacito Cover by Isaac Bless
115 Ntereza featuring Extra Martin X Kayaazi by Deon Bats Biwundo
116 Badmind featuring Reazy by Mulo Vybez featuring Reazy
117 Omulembe by Bobic Pro
118 Mbayire Bax Ragga by Charles Wonder
119 Matidde by King Ceaser
120 Lets Dance by Eddie Quizo
121 Njoo Kalibu by Abdu Mulaasi
122 Irene by Bryan Lee Reigns
123 Monalisa by Jay Thanda
124 Byonna Twala by Mary Nancy
125 Bwongo Bwange by King Ceaser
126 Baliwa by Juma Pro
127 Bamper featuring Ratigan by Eli featuring Ratigan
128 Sleepless Nights by Eli
129 Paradox by Eli
130 Omementula by Buda Jay
131 Balina Obubiina- Faco by Shax Famous
132 Made To Please God by Phil Mugabi
133 Natamani Yule by King Ceaser
134 Nziwenjeza by Mulo Vybez
135 Damage by King Barton
136 Obuwuna by King Ceaser
137 Gumpe by Countless
138 Jobilega by Salvage Mines
139 Engalo by Deehan
140 Afro Flow featuring Deehan by Wandera featuring Deehan
141 Tonta Remixx featuring Marina by Dj Beam featuring Marina
142 Tubaale by Monopoly BadCharacter
143 Too Much Love by Memz 70
144 Queen by Anasanta
145 Situka by Jo Mulla
146 Trap by Hop X
147 Twerk It by Hop X
148 Summer Weekend by Baddest Generation
149 Nonya Bano by Eli Gavana
150 Mukwano Gwo by Mikel Kayz
151 Break It featuring Stone City X Don Kats by Ambro Pompo
152 Nkutwale by Dizo Acoustic
153 No Wait by Young NyNo
154 Mazaara by Anasanta
155 Murder Me by Pac Wayne
156 Nakumiss by Yakub Zuma
157 My Miss featuring D Reign Legacy by Lizy Kurdz
158 Beautiful featuring Young Nyno by Genius Levy featuring Young NyNo
159 Bera Awo by Hash Rymu
160 Blind Spot Freestyle by Rapper Flawless
161 Marry You by Huss Deezy
162 Make Me Feel by Slaughter Man
163 By The Way by Josh Buxton
164 Genda Todda by Kim Ragga
165 Gear by Afrikana Fit
166 Gwe Nsonga by Afrikana Fit
167 Majje by Blaze Ttod
168 Life Style by Hop X
169 Limit by Fattah
170 Ekirooto fetauring Moze X Patel Sutra by Simon Cypher
171 Kacumbali by Ronnie Kayizzi
172 Kanyiye Mareho by Anasanta
173 Jaa Okakobe by Talent Moze
174 Bulikimu featuring Prince M X Fanning Joe by Lucky Med featuring Prince M
175 Zina by Dama Grail
176 Baliwa by Andy Jones
177 Rainbow by Andy Jones
178 Sweet Jesus by Tumwine Bright
179 Trust In You by Tumwine Bright
180 Tonight by Bantu Clan
181 Osobola featuring Branic Benzie by Kalid Omutugumbuzi featuring Branic Benzie
182 Application by Keisha Naava
183 Meketa - Mastered Version by Fab E
184 Tonkonkonya by Deon Bats Biwundo
185 Zinazina by Deon Bats Biwundo
186 I Love My Country featuring Rapper Las Daggy by Rapper Lil Jayz
187 Nze Nawe fetauring Trya Nana X BullDog by Yellow Skin Omutwazi
188 Sada Ku Mutwe by Nekita Music
189 Tulibawo by Deon Bats Biwundo
190 Tukuba featuring Sco Vybes by Deon Bats Biwundo
191 Raw Turn by Konshus
192 Bayethe Nkosi by Frank Israel
193 Do Care by Huss Deezy
194 Gwe Aliko by Lico Nico
195 Yenze by Shon Wyz
196 They Know by Rapper Flawless
197 Show Dem by Konshus
198 Onkabya Mulupatwa by Nekita Music
199 Onimba Nyo by Babalian Tracks
200 Muliro by Hank CJ

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