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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

101 Soka Osome by Butterfly Lc 9
102 Wekweke Nkukwekule featuring Rebo Teribo by Reid Starboy and Eng Andy
103 Money by Reid Starboy and Eng Andy
104 Ka Microphone featuring Luck Star by Reid Starboy and Eng Andy
105 Weekend by Reid Starboy and Eng Andy
106 Kirabe - Kintu Riddim by Dr. Jose Chameleone
107 Nkuwalana by Nutty Neithan
108 Tick by Irene Namubiru
109 Nkutegedde - Olimba by Chosen Blood
110 Nakubawo Nyo by Dr. Bitone
111 Dancehall Town featuring Fyno X Dr Bitone X Dokta Brain X Kool Banti by New York Styla featuring Dr. Bitone
112 Nafunye Anjagala by Willy Mukabya
113 Casanova by Byaxy
114 Teli Atusinga by Swaggnation 256
115 Shalali by Frank Lion
116 Sowani Ya Woteri by Frank Lion
117 Abalina Sente by General Mega Dee
118 Omukazi Ashweerwa by Penny Patra
119 Kunyooma by Ken Hatim
120 Entununsii by Patience Powers
121 Self Made by Chemical KArim
122 Batusinza Ki by Coopy Bly
123 Unstoppable - Shake Body featuring Robinsan by Coopy Bly featuring Robbin San
124 Kuduula by Coopy Bly
125 Onjagadde by Myco Holy
126 Akutula Enjegere by Sarah Serumaga
127 Namalere by Nicheo Kitone
128 Work by Chane Lee
129 Emboozi by Lugoba High School
130 Amagenda Gange by Lugoba High School
131 Ngamba by Orobie Jay Nantawunyikamu
132 Mi Domper by Orobie Jay Nantawunyikamu
133 Nakoowa by Orobie Jay Nantawunyikamu
134 Pon Mi Remix featuring Skales X Dj Slick Stuart X Dj Roja by Beenie Gunter featuring Dj Slick Stuart
135 2017 Wrap Up by Viboyo
136 Dont Stop featuring Proff X NaiBoi X Zuli Tums by Maro featuring Zuli Tums
137 Komawo by Jamie Culture
138 Akapapula by Able Tasha
139 Obikkira Ddala by BN Paul
140 Atakutya Gwentya by Hank CJ
141 All I Want by Lizy Kurdz
142 If For Real by Young Directa Ronnie
143 Cover You featuring 1Rail X KYZ by Fleak Type
144 Balabe featuring Rasta Shidow X Mr Nyowe by Jahson Butwa
145 Forever Niiwe featuring Bravkelly Kelvin by Qwality KBY
146 I Gonna Miss You by Qwality KBY
147 Juliet by Qwality KBY
148 Am On Waiting by Qwality KBY
149 Amiliye by Globetrator
150 Buswandi by 2Ten
151 Byonkola by Banta Man
152 Bitwale by Emma Signal
153 Come Over by Emma Signal
154 Born Fighter by Emma Signal
155 Lip Stick by Perfect Jim
156 No Love No Stress by Perfect Jim
157 Mufuse Omu by Perfect Jim
158 Party Time featuring Virgin Kawaidah by Edu Sojah
159 Bwentyo Bwendi by Karitas Kario
160 Nsuna Suna by Diana Nalubega
161 Kavubuka by Tik Twazita
162 Holla by J Wats
163 Ozina Bulunji featuring Fille by Eddy Wizzy featuring Fille
164 Booty by Pallaso
165 Kangezeko Kwono featuring Chozen Blood by Frank Lion featuring Chosen Blood
166 Kugunywa by Frank Lion
167 Show Time featuring Dokta Brain X Kvan X Dj Leaf by Ratigan featuring Dokta Brain
168 Tompitako featuring Levixone by Lil Joe featuring Levixone
169 Take The Victory by Mirembe Martha
170 Stay With Me featuring Charlie Wise by Simon Cypher
171 Original featuring Strago Genius by Arash
172 Ntuyana - Peterson Version by Bullet Kaganga
173 Freedom - No Salve Trade In Africa by Lil BIG
174 I Really Wanna Know by Alex Automan
175 Mugongo - Mi Gente Cover by One Patoh
176 Kkiri Munda featuring Patel Sutra by Simon Cypher
177 MTN - Weigh The Weight O.T Genasis Cover featuring Prince Angel by Diego Urbanz featuring Prince Angel UG
178 Money by Lil BIG
179 We Ah Bad by Number One Suspect Badman
180 Why Do You Lie - What Do You Mean Justin Beiber Cover by Alvin Stoney
181 Ntoba by Treacky Bee
182 Panginisi City by Omukyafu Mubakyafu
183 Kagato Kko by Wilgeo D Acoustic
184 Freedom by Bebe Cool
185 Embuzi Zakutudde by Gravity Omutujju
186 Sumn U Neva Had featuring Dj Slick Stuart X Dj Roja by Winnie Nwagi
187 Olumya Bano by Nina Roz
188 Rhythm In Bed featuring Dj Lawrence by Dokta Brain
189 Fistula by Sarah Musayimuto
190 Firimu by JK Lubanto
191 Fire featuring Dj Poppa by Jay B
192 Danger Zone by Retta Roz
193 Despacito - Madi Cover featuring Lizy Kurdz X Love Nerd by Slaughter Man featuring Lizy Kurdz
194 Katonda by Emma Signal
195 General - Omuntu Wange by Remote Leone
196 Love by Baky Melody
197 Awesome by Kojjo
198 Arua To Lagos by Lil BIG
199 Akamuli by Lasso Music
200 So Fly by Lasso Music

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