Olina Kyononya, Ask Me??

Sing Along Lyrics

by Marvel

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Njagala bamanye nti yeggwe kwagala
Ensi ekimanye nti yeggwe gwe nsinza 
Nabulikitonde kunsi yesu
singing Ha-a-leh, halleluya*2

 Verse 1
Every one\'s got a story 
Oh filled with glory 
So hard to protect ,
at times we neglect 
The author of the story
The alpha and omega
And then we are prone to temptation ,disease and rejection 
I gave my life to Christ ,
now he z my heart\'s desire ,
the devil is a liar
And so we set him on fire
Am singing yesu ,
he says am with you ,kuba ye kwagala  


The devil is against u
Don\'t ever think he forgot you
He is fighting hard to destroy you ,
to bend and to break you ,
to drag you to hell 
and yet there is heaven 
Its not a competition anymore its a war
Give your life to Christ ,
its the safe way to go
When you call onto yesu ,
He says am with you 
Kuba nze a kwagala
Yesu a kwagala

Chorus *2

His word is everlasting
Love is never failing 
Grace is so amazing
Your word is everlasting
Love is never failing 
Your grace is so amazing...

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